Billets d'humeur

Apesanteur au Hunterian Museum

Légende du musée: »Quintuple foetuses, from a premature birth at about five months. Two of the five were still-born; the other three died shortly after delivery. They were born to a mother in
Blackburn, Landcashire in 1786. A local doctor called John Hull (c1761-1843) attended the birth. He later reported a history of the case to Gilbert Blane (1749-1834), a physician in London, who in turn passed the letter on to Maxwell Gartshore (1732-1812). Garthshore reported the case to the Royal Society in 1787.In the report Hull described how he was allowed to take the bodies of the foetuses, but was not permitted to take the placenta which was burnt in accordance with local custom. He sent the preserved bodies to London and the were placed in John Hunter’s museum.
Hull went on to become a leading obstetrician in Manchester and was a founder and the first President of the Manchester Medical Society. »